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The tool: how it works?
The web tool for creatives (show your pictures)
Artist, creative,
Need a website for your work?

Want to show and store your images? If it was possible, you would build your own website with your very own style, in real time, without beeing dependant to a webmaster?
Pictomos is the tool you need. With it, everything become concrete. You create instantly a quality website and animate it on your own. You stay independant.
For more visibility and exchanges, you have access to the network of the creatives who are Pictomos users, and you contribute to its evolutions.

Product Features: 
- especially conceived for the creatives and the artists
- enables a
custom website
- requires no download and no technical competence
- evolving tool (perfected in time)
- access key to the network of
Pictomos creative artists

- an intuitive interface to create the site design and modify
- a gallery to administer his pictures (online, storage, classification)
- the technical key for a good accurate ranking
- a detailed operating manual

Technical note
Server Side: 
  - Linux Distribution: Debian Sarge 
- Web Server: Apache 2
- Language: PHP5 
- Database: MySQL5  
- Template engine: Smarty
- Scripts Shell, Crontabs

Client Side:  
  - XHTML 1.0
- CSS 2.0
- Ajax (Prototype, Scriptaculous)

Ranking Optimization
Supported browers
 - Safari 3
 - Mozilla Firefox 2
 - Internet Explorer 7
- Camino
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