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The Pictomos tool is online.
The Pictomos space
Virtual comes real. 25m2 in Paris to expose, events & nice meetings.
The network
The tool allows everyone to see the others, a lot of exchanges, good plans, collaborations between creatives comes real.

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   Pictomos Space
Photography exhibition
"Peau et Nuages"
By Christian McManus

at Pictomos space,

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The Pictomos Project : The network for the creatives.
The Pictomos Tool !
The Pictomos Project
The network for the
The world is not a merchandise, but a creation place.
Photographers, painters, graphic designers, illustrators, designers... so many jobs that are reinventing the world. Today everyone is a free electron in society. It's time to take advantage of the Internet medium to unite around a network: the creatives one.

For more visibility and exchanges, let's create this network and take advantage of our ideas to improve our tools.

Pictomos is ever evolving !
We want to test this principle of "many heads think better than one". For that our tool is evolving, and we expect our users (yourself) proposals for improvements as you need.

Principles of the Pictomos Project:
- Federate creators around Creation, not around commercial services.
- Get involved into the conception and evolution of the tool by voting.
- Possibility of exposing your work in a space.
- Find out collaborators for artistic projects.

- Propose collaborations at all disciplines.

Step 1: The start-up
Setting up the tool Pictomos V1.
Configuring the first approaches of the network.

Step 2 : The birth of the network
Launch of Pictomos V2, with network interface.
Opening the
Pictomos space to make virtuallity become reality.

Step 3 : The collaborative devices
Setting up the portal Pictomos with collaborative features and links to the Pictomos sites in the network.

Step 4 : The community applications
Setting up applications designed by the network.