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The creative CMS for professionals
Small & Medium size businesses:
Need a Web site but don't want to spend a lot?

Would you like to create, administrate, or redesign a Web site, but don’t necessarily have the financial means or personnel in order to get the job done? Well, Tomosfactory is the solution that lets you accomplish this yourself and keeps you in control of your Web presence.

In the short term;
  You create a website in harmony with your brand’s style, without requiring technical expertise.
In the long term,
  You update your site without intermediaries and stay on the cutting edge thanks to Tomosfactory's constantly evolving technology.
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Product Features: 
- A webware application for designing, creating and updating your website
- Specially designed for small to medium sized businesses
- An easy and simple interface for editing content and images
- A tool for increasing corporate visibility
- Requires no download
- Requires minimum technical knowledge
- Tomosfactory product updates included in price
- Optimized for search engine ranking