2008, Wonderful year!
The Floating Stone was born ...


The Company

Web 2.0
Web 2.0 Workshop
The Floating Stone manufactures tools that allow everyone, whether beginner or experienced, to create their own website.
Introducing: Pictomos and Tomosfactory.

Professional quality websites for everyone
The Internet has changed significantly since its creation; so much that it is no longer at this stage "virtual".  Today, there is a greater need and desire to create one’s own website.  The Floating Stone creates high quality products and tools crafted to meet the needs and resources of individuals, and small & medium-size businesses.

Sustainable Internet
In the past, if we did not have the technical skills to build a site, we were obliged to hire a web designer. The result was beautiful,  but expensive. To update the site, we were also dependant on web professionals. Today, there is an alternative. We can now design, create and update our own website thus staying on the cutting edge without blowing the budget.  Tomosfactory and Pictomos offer us a multitude of possibilities and change the way we create!

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