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The Network
Within the network, each person can communicate with one another, collaborate, and exchange ideas, all in real time.
L'Espace Pictomos
Virtual becomes Real. 25m² located in central Paris for exhibitions, events and collaborative meetings.
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The Pictomos tool goes online.


The Pictomos Project

The Network for Creatives.
The world is not only a marketplace of services available, but a space in which to create.
Photographers, painters, designers, and illustrators – all helping to shape the world in which we live. Each artist is a free spirit, contributing to a collective intelligence. Today we can use the medium of Internet in order to join together via a network made up of others like ourselves: Creatives.

For increased visibility and heightened level of exchange, join the network and benefit by discovering and contributing ideas which further improve the tools we work with.

That’s not all there is to Pictomos!
Avidly testing the “many minds are better than one” principle, we are enthusiastic to receive your suggestions on how we can improve our tools to better fit your needs.

Project Objectives:
- Create a community made up of, and for Creatives.
- Generate participation and collaboration within the Pictomos Community
- Provide an expo space where one can show their works
- Facilitate the discovery of artists with whom we can collaborate
- A space to present job offers, proposal of missions or project initiatives
- Foster a spirit whereby members of the Community will contribute their knowledge, ideas and creative inspiration in the drive to further develop the applications

Step 1: Start-up
Install the Pictomos V1 tool.
Configure the first elements of the network.

Step 2: The Network Comes to Life
Arrival of Pictomos V2 and its package of networking tools.
Open the Pictomos space whereby Virtual becomes Real.

Step 3: Pictomos Portal
Pictomos Portal comes to life, with its networking tools and links to the community of Pictomos sites.

Step 4: The Network Applications
Integration of the applications conceived by the Network.

Testimonial :
"I explored all the options for "ready to use" image-storing websites offering simple and quick systems for creating and making regular updates ... from what I found, the possibilities to make changes to the design or content are very limited. Pictomos was exactly what I was looking for : a place you can actually update and enhance your Web site quickly and easily on a daily basis."

 Stefani B